Sunday 7th July 2019

Race notes and swim start times are now available – please do get in touch immediately if you have entered the event and your name does NOT appear on the start list.

Registration will be open for all age categories from 8.30am. Please bear in mind that in the situation of backlog, we will prioritise those juniors that need to be registered early so that they are ready to race, so please do be patient and bear with us if this needs to happen. Racking and briefing is as per the info pack that was online when you entered, but for a re-cap here it is;

Category Racking from Briefing
Youth 08:45 09:30
TS3 08:45 09:30
TS2 09:15 10:30
TS1 10:45 11:45
TSS 11:35 12:45

The course will be open on Sunday morning from approx 08:45 for any juniors that wish to have a practice. We do recommend this as it is a technical course! Obviously this will need to be closed before the youth category start racing. Parents please note that the course will not be marshalled for the practise period – any juniors that we see not riding sensibly will be asked to leave the course. This is not an opportunity to race and should not be treated as such.

START TIMES: Please ensure that all juniors are on poolside 10 minutes before their wave starts for a mandatory briefing for the swim. It is the juniors responsibility to ensure they are at pool side on time and are ready to race – we are unable to wait for any juniors who are not ready. The timing chip for your race will be allocated on poolside.

The distances for swim, bike, run are all as per the info pack from when you entered the race, but they are duplicated here for ease of use!

Youth 400m (16 lengths) 8k (8 laps) 3k (5 laps)
TS3 300m(12 lengths) 6k (6 laps) 2.4k (4 laps)
TS2 200m (8 lengths) 4k (4 laps) 1.8k (3 laps)
TS1 150m (6 lengths) 2k (2 laps) 1.2k (2 laps)
TSS 50m (2 lengths) 1k (1 lap) 600m (1 lap)

THINGS TO REMEMBER: Please do take the time to remind yourselves of the rules for not only the juniors racing, but the supporters!!

a) Please ensure your junior has their bike racked and their transition kit in place at the alloted time for their TS category. We will announce any changes on the day so please do listen out to the tannoy. Equipment only in transition NO BAGS/NO BOXE/NO PARENTS. Unfortunately there is not a bag storage area so please do swapsies with colleagues and look after each other’s property!

b) Please ensure that your junior attends the race briefing for their TS category. It is your juniors responsibility to know the course so please help them to find the time to look at the course maps, attend the briefing and walk the course if possible. Outside assistance does result in a DQ for the junior, which is horrible for everyone involved and a situation we want to avoid. This includes – handing athletes anything during the race, taking things from athletes, counting laps for them. Laps and lengths are the juniors responsibility and if you junior is seen to have help in counting the laps or lengths they will receive a DQ. Being abusive and not listening to marshalls/volunteers or officials is unacceptable and will result in a DQ for your junior. There will be a TO’s at the event and one will be patrolling the bike/run course monitoring the situation.

c) Please do what you can to ensure everyone has a great day, especially the juniors. Everyone who is working on the day are volunteers so please do be kind and at the briefing engage with parents and athletes and ask them to thank the marshalls/officials!

Thank you everyone.

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